Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our services.
If you have any questions/ Schedule Pick-up, Call us @ +917026643164.

  • 01

    What are your hours?

    We are open 9 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week. In fact, we’re open on holidays.

  • 02

    How does Mr.Wash work?

    Mr.Wash gets your laundry done QUICK and EASY! Simply contact your Mr.Wash Associate to schedule a pick-up day and time. Keep your untidy laundry ready, hand it over to our personnel visiting your place, and receive your clean folded laundry 24 hours later.

  • 03

    How will I pay?

    Mr.Wash uses a convenient payment system. You will be required to make the payment to your Mr.Wash Associate on the delivery of your clothes. If you have chosen our laundry plans, you can pay using our online payment options powered with very secure server. You will be charged for the amount of clothes given and additional services requested (ironing, special treatments and/or dry cleaning).

  • 04

    What if I am missing an item of clothing from my returned bag?

    Although not required, you can complete an inventory sheet prior to pick-up that details all items found within your bag. You will keep the original sheet and we will keep a copy. If an item should come up missing that was listed on the inventory sheet, and it is reported within 48 hours from drop off; we will reimburse you an amount equal to your proof of purchase amount, limited to a maximum justifiable market value of the garment.

  • 05

    What makes Mr. Wash different from any other Laundromat?

    We believe in doing things quite a bit different than most businesses. We’re locally owned and operated, and we believe that our state of the art machines and facilities are different than most Laundromats. Additionally, we provide top notch 24 hour customer service. Stop by today and see the “Mr.Wash Difference”.

  • 06

    How long does it take to do my laundry?

    Our brand new, state of the art equipment works like no other machines out there. Most wash cycles take around 25 minutes, and dryer times around 30 minutes. This saves you time and money, aside from folding time; you’ll be finished in under an hour!

  • 07

    Do you offer a Wash, Dry & Fold service?

    Yes, our Wash, Dry & Fold service is available from 9 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week. Our laundry service starts @ Rs.65 per kg (Minimum 4 kgs) & Steam press @ Rs.10 per piece additionally. Please see attendant for bulk item pricing such as comforters, rugs, and towels. (Same day service available @ Rs. additional). We also accept all major credit cards for drop off Laundry.

  • 08

    Where are your locations?

    Our store is located at : #67,7th Cross,Wilson Garden,Bangalore - 560027.

  • 09

    Are your laundromats clean?

    At Mr.Wash, we pride ourselves on being the cleanest laundromat in the city. Our store is cleaned 11 hours a day EVERYDAY!

    We do individual washing of your clothes to ensure the hygiene.

  • 10

    Is this a national chain or franchise?

    No, Mr.Wash is locally owned and operated right here in Bangalore (India).

  • 11

    Is there anything to entertain us while we’re waiting on our laundry?

    Yes, Our store has flat panel TV’s with FREE cable. FREE WiFi if you bring your laptop. We also have snack and coffee vending machines in store.

  • 12

    Are your laundromat attended?

    Our store is partially attended by the friendliest attendants. We believe in not only investing in high quality equipment, but also investing in high quality people. Our attendants are highly trained, and ready to help you anytime they’re on duty.